About Us

Who We Are?

The CFTCA was formed in 2012 to be a single organisation made up of independent therapeutic communities and community partners in Canada. The formation of the CFTCA enables members to share ideas and best practice in operating therapeutic communities. The CFTCA was conceived by a diverse range of agencies each working towards a common aim. The original partnership was made up of the Nanaimo Region John Howard Society, Nanaimo Addiction Foundation, City of Nanaimo, RCMP, Vancouver Island University, Royal Roads University, Tillicum Centre, BC Corrections and Woodwynn Farms.

What is a Therapeutic Community?

Therapeutic Communities are drug free residential settings that use a hierarchical model with treatment stages that reflect increased levels of personal and social responsibility. Peer influence, mediated through a variety of group processes, is used to help individuals learn and assimilate social norms and develop more effective social skills. Therapeutic Communities differ from other treatment approaches principally in their use of the community, comprising treatment staff and those in recovery as key agents of change.

What are the benefits of Therapeutic Communities over other models of addiction treatment?

Therapeutic communities operate with an emphasis on individual responsibility and an awareness of the impact that individual actions have on the wider group. Clients under TC treatment are encouraged to take ownership of the community and make decisions for themselves rather than have the institution control their day to day lives. The community as a whole recognizes the need for positive re-enforcement of the achievements of the clients. Therapeutics Communities do not require a large number of medical staff to operate and so are considerably cheaper to run. The treatment approach is holistic rather than purely medical, so there is a greater chance that a former client can reintegrate successfully into the wider community and avoid the revolving door of treatment –relapse – treatment.